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When Using a Tax Pro is Strongly Advised

When Using a Tax Pro is Strongly AdvisedBy Ray Martin    With times as they are today, a lot of folks may be tempted to try to save a few…Continue

Started by BBT Real Estate Group Feb 15, 2011.

21 best money tips ever (Part 11 - 21)

21 best money tips ever (Part 11 - 21)Some of the nation's leading business owners, investors, and thinkers share their thoughts on rebuilding your wealth.11. Get involved and network John…Continue

Started by Apr 4, 2010.

21 best money tips ever (Part 1 - 10)

21 best money tips ever (Part 1 - 10)Some of the nation's leading business owners, investors, and thinkers share their thoughts on rebuilding your wealth.1. Challenge the big guys Barbara Corcoran…Continue

Started by Apr 4, 2010.

Should you try a Trial Loan Modification?

Want to modify mortgage? Get a trial runBy Marcie Geffner As if a borrower didn't face enough hurdles in the quest for a mortgage modification, now there is another. It's the required "trial period"…Continue

Started by Administrator Feb 4, 2010.

What is a Deficiency Judgment?

What is a Deficiency Judgment?By Justin PritchardDeficiency judgment are court orders that make you personally liable for unpaid debt. They are often associated with foreclosures, when a home's…Continue

Started by Short Sale Guru Jan 7, 2010.

Loan Modifications are a Credit score killer

Mortgage rescue: Credit score killerBy Tami LuhbyMost troubled homeowners view President Obama's foreclosure rescue plan as a way out of their financial troubles.But many don't realize that entering…Continue

Started by Administrator Dec 29, 2009.

Pay the Mortgage or Walk Away

Pay the Mortgage or Walk Awayby James R. Hagerty and Nick TimiraosIn down real-estate market, homeowners are deciding to abandon their loan obligations even if they can afford the paymentsShould I…Continue

Started by Administrator Dec 19, 2009.

The Real Truth About Loan Modifications

The Ugly Truth About Loan ModificationsOk, so just about everybody has heard about loan modifications, or loan mods for short. They are also called loan workouts, loan restructuring, among others.…Continue

Started by Short Sale Guru Dec 9, 2009.

One in Four Borrowers Is Underwater

One in Four Borrowers Is UnderwaterBy RUTH SIMON and JAMES R. HAGERTYClick here to check out the video.The proportion of…Continue

Started by Administrator Nov 25, 2009.

Smart Year-End Tax Moves

Smart Year-End Tax MovesLaura SaundersTime to Review Your Taxes — Before It's Too LateYear-end tax planning always makes sense, but this year it's especially vital.Convulsions in the markets and the…Continue

Started by Administrator Nov 10, 2009.

Filing for Bankruptcy - A Fresh Start! 1 Reply

Filing for Bankruptcy - A Fresh Start!By Stefano GrossiThere is nothing to be ashamed of when you consider filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy should be viewed as a fresh start, a way to revive your…Continue

Started by Administrator. Last reply by Brian Turner Nov 6, 2009.

Top 10 Money Tips for Women

Top 10 Money Tips for Womenby CNBC StaffWhen it comes to women and finance, sometimes there's a disconnect between what women know and how they act, their ability as achiever and their financial…Continue

Started by Oct 29, 2009.

Should you keep your ARM loan?

Is it time to dump your ARM?Some 1.5 million adjustable-rate mortgages reset soon. If yours is one of them, you need to decide whether to lock in your rate and refinance into a new loan.By Beth…Continue

Started by Administrator Oct 21, 2009.

Modified Loans Back in Default

More Than Half of Modified Loans Back in DefaultMore than 50 percent of home owners whose loans were modified in the first six months of 2008 had fallen behind on their payments a year later, the…Continue

Started by BBT Real Estate Group Oct 2, 2009.

Dumb financial moves in the recession

4 dumb financial moves in the recessionMarilyn Kennedy MeliaYou can almost hear the collective slaps to the head.This recession has brought to light dumb money management practices, forcing just…Continue

Started by Brian Turner Sep 17, 2009.

Tips to Improving your FICO® credit score

Improving your FICO® credit scoreIt’s important to note that raising your FICO credit score is a bit like losing weight: It takes time and there is no quick fix. In fact, quick-fix efforts can…Continue

Tags: FICO, score, credit

Started by Administrator Sep 3, 2009.

Expenses That Are Keeping You in Debt

7 Expenses That Are Keeping You in Debtby Erin JoyceIn the United States, 43% of families are spending more than they earn each year, according to MSNMoney. At the end of 2008, the average American…Continue

Tags: finance, personal, debt, expedia

Started by Brian Turner Sep 1, 2009.

How to Establish Credit

How to Establish CreditNo Credit? No Problem. Here Are Some Tips to Help You Establish Good CreditWhen you don’t have a credit history, it can be difficult and frustrating when trying to obtain a…Continue

Tags: credit, establish

Started by Aug 30, 2009.

Are you married to your financial opposite?

Are you married to your financial opposite?Spendthrifts and tightwads are attracted to each other, but money talks can get fierce in marriages where spouses don't have the same habits.Does your…Continue

Tags: investing, money, marriage

Started by Brian Turner Aug 27, 2009.

Lazy Ways to Save Money

20 Lazy Ways to Save MoneyKatie AdamsWhile the media can't decide if the recession is nearing its end or not, we do know that there hasn't been a tremendous surge in wages, job creation or the stock…Continue

Tags: recession, money, save

Started by Aug 24, 2009.

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