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The Truth about Stocks

You can't handle the truth about stocksConventional financial planning has it all wrong, argues economist Zvi Bodie. If you need the high return of stocks to reach your goals, he says, then you can't…Continue

Tags: risk, ROI, return, investing, stocks

Started by Administrator Sep 16, 2009.

An Introduction to Stock Options

Stock options provide advanced investors with additional opportunities for potentially rewarding returns. But stock options do possess risks that require an in-depth understanding of how they work.…Continue

Tags: puts, calls, intrinsic, options, stock

Started by David Chapman Aug 18, 2009.

Buy and Hold Good Advice, But Not for Stocks

Everyone has heard the oldest investment advice constantly repeated by most brokers, and financial planners: “Buy and Hold.” Is this still a good strategy though? Well, that depends. If you are…Continue

Tags: brokers, baby, boomers, investing, estate

Started by Jun 22, 2009.

Poof, Where did the Money Go?

When Stock Prices Drop, Where's the Money?Have you ever wondered what happened to your socks when you put them into the dryer and then never saw them again? It's an unexplained mystery that may never…Continue

Tags: stocks

Started by Administrator Mar 16, 2009.

The Rally We Have Been Waiting For?

Last week the stock market had its best week of the year so far. Is this the rally that we have been looking for? Has the market finally bottomed? Here’s what to look for in the coming weeks:First,…Continue

Started by Mar 14, 2009.

Follow the Trends

The goal in stock investing is to following the trends. If the market is going up, that is considered a bull market, and if it's going down, that's considered a bear market.A Market trend is the…Continue

Tags: trend, market, stocks, bear, bull

Started by Brian Turner Mar 13, 2009.

How to Beat the 10 Pitfalls of Trading?

1. Having no trading planWhen you don't have a plan, you don't have a template to follow. It becomes very costly when your emotions are high and you have to make decisions on the fly.2. Using…Continue

Tags: trading, pitfalls

Started by Administrator Mar 11, 2009.

President Obama Says Buy, Buy, Buy!

President Obama Says Buy, Buy, Buy!by Brian MikesWow! Did you see the news yesterday? President Obama continues to be a rule breaker… just yesterday he broke a long standing (unwritten) rule of the…Continue

Tags: obama, buy, stocks, investing

Started by Mar 4, 2009.

7 Rules of Investing Success

7 Rules of Investing Success1. Decide if you are going to trade or invest in a stock at the outset. (It is a big difference!)2. Always profit from your trades. (Your an investor to make money)3. Know…Continue

Started by Brian Turner Mar 4, 2009.

Top Things to Know about Stocks & Bonds

Top things to know (About Stocks & Bonds)1. Over the long term, stocks have historically outperformed all other investments.From 1926 to 2005, the S&P 500 returned an average annual 10.46…Continue

Tags: beginner, bonds, stocks

Started by Mar 3, 2009.

ETFs and How they Compare to Mutual Funds...

ETF BasicsAn ETF, or Exchange Traded Fund, is nothing more than an investment portfolio consisting of many investments that trade like stocks. An ETF holds a collection of securities that are…Continue

Tags: stocks, mutual, no, funds, load

Started by Mar 3, 2009.

Best Broker Sites to Start Investing in Stocks Online

Someone asked the question, what is the best site to get started in investing in stocks. Well this is the forum to discuss just that question. There are plenty of online discount brokers. Who is the…Continue

Tags: stocks, trading, broker, cheap, site

Started by Brian Turner Mar 3, 2009.

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