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May 2015 Blog Posts (5)

Five Brain Health Reminders for Family Caregivers

When illness or the changes of aging make it harder for seniors to take care of themselves, family members often step in to help. Family caregiving offers many rewards, but it can be hard work.

During the past few years, researchers have learned much about how caregiving impacts the health of…


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Being Underweight Linked To Higher Dementia Risk

By Shereen Lehman  

(Reuters Health) -In the largest study ever to look at relationships between body weight and likelihood of developing dementia, researchers found that being too thin appears to carry the greatest risk.

Among nearly two million people in the U.K. observed over time, those who were…


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7 Foods You Should Be Eating If You're Over 50

 |  By Ellen Breslau

Though you may eat the same foods you've always eaten since you were a kid, the fact is your nutritional needs change throughout your life. "In youth, it’s all about growth and maintaining a body that can procreate," says nutrition and…


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Probiotics Could Help Defeat Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

By: Cari Nierenberg for LiveScience

Probiotics, or "good bacteria," may be helpful to people with seasonal allergies, a new review suggests.

Researchers analyzed the results from more than 20 previous studies and found that hay fever sufferers may get some …


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6 Ways To Overcome A Life Challenge

By Mary Holloway / Huffington Post

It was never in your life plan, certainly never predicted in your high school yearbook.

And yet, here you are. You've gone through a soul-sucking life experience and…


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