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September 2010 Blog Posts (7)

Companies Increasing Dividends, But Not Hiring

It is no secret that many of the biggest companies are making huge profits and sitting on excessive amounts of cash right now, while so many are still out of work.…


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It May Take Years for Housing to Bottom

It May Take Years for Housing to Bottom

John Lounsbury

How far are we from a bottom in U.S. home prices? There are many estimates that there could be another 10% or more for the national average and median prices to decline. This author estimated that 2010 had a most probable decline around 11% from December 2009, with further declines possible in 2011. Little decline has actually been seen as prices are quite near where they were nine months ago. However, in the… Continue

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Five Key Points on Buying a Short Sale

Five Key Points on Buying a Short Sale

By: Tim Iacono

Now that our attempt to purchase a short sale property has come to a disappointing conclusion (see this item from Monday for full details), the catharsis of sharing a few parting…

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Help a Friend FIGHT Cancer!!


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Home Sellers Beware!

Home Sellers Beware!

In an odd twist to the old adage, “Buyer Beware”, this real estate market adds additional problems to already burdened real estate sellers.

The scenario – homeowner is behind on their mortgage payments, the house has just enough value to payoff the mortgage and the closing costs, if they get their price. The house sits on the market for months, stressing the homeowners even more.

It is in…

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Credit Score impact from Short Sales and Foreclosures

The impact of short sales and foreclosures on your credit score

by Katerina Nikolas

Faced with the prospect of losing their home many people also worry about the negative impact it will have on their credit score. Despite current financial difficulties they often consider how either a short sale of foreclosure will limit their future ability to borrow money or enter the housing market again.…

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Buy Rental Property Now, The Demand Is Coming!

Real Estate always has been and always will be one of the greatest wealth producing assets around. This is one of the best times in history to be investing…


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