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7 Ways to overcome depression during difficult times. By Erick Clifford

We all have experienced bad days and rough times in our lives. Reality is that happiness and sadness are momentary

feelings, good and bad experiences and its external events are responsive of our feelings. We’ve experienced lost,

anger, love, etc. and all that background is what make a person be the way he or she is.

Besides it sounds commercial, things will get better soon, but if you’re going through hard times, here are 10 ways

that will help you and make you feel better.

Exercise Lessons

You know exercise liberates brain chemicals and substances that change your mood immediately and make you feel

better. You also will get stronger not just physically (body and immune system) but emotionally and mentally. Start

with something easy and relaxing like Yoga or Meditation, and maybe including a short walk (you can walk your dog

and feel doubly better by the way).

Change your routine and set a new one

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a break from everything and start again. This is the time where you start

thinking everything calmed and clearer. You can start from the simplest activities like sleeping better, waking up earlier

or taking a special time for breakfast (new and healthier recipes).

Make a solo travel

It might sounds even more depressing the fact of traveling just by yourself, but you can’t imagine the amazing

experience it actually is. In fact, it is recommended to travel alone at least once in our lives.

Solo traveling is a whole new experience, full of adventures and learning, this is the perfect solution for being alone

and feeling absolutely fine and happy. You will learn a lot about yourself feeling in peace just meeting new friends,

people, culture and places. Sounds like a perfect combination, isn’t it?

Eat healthy and have a good diet

Have you heard the quote “healthy body, healthy mind”? Well, that’s the perfect balance you must achieve. There’s no

better state than looking good and feeling fine. You will find millions of diets and nutrition tips online, you can start a

new balanced plan or visit a nutritionist. There are many ways you can be physically and mentally healthier.

Analyze the situation and talk to someone or ask for help.

If you’re dealing with a breakup or going through a divorce, it is normal that you might start feeling sad or guilty and

you might also miss that person. You need to let everything go to start feeling better and you can find help not just

from your friends and family, but other useful online resources can help you (you can get online assistance from

Lawyers, Psychologists, Doctors, etc. and also save money and time during that process).

There are trusted medical websites like HealthWhoop that provides not only medical help and information, but also

nutrition advice, mental health and exercise – fitness care.

Start writing!

You better start writing your way out of depression, because it allows you to reflect things in other ways and it also

gives you the chance to see your feelings from a different perspective. You can start your own blog or do it on a

traditional way and create a diary, this way you’ll get into a healthier state of mind and feel more calmed.

Surround yourself with friends and create memorable experiences.

Have you heard about the millennial generation and how they prioritize living and creating experiences over buying

stuff or spending money on luxury? You could also adopt that way of being and thinking, you’ll start getting focused on

personal growth and feeling satisfied with what you are and also achieve.

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