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So can we really get rich quick? We all get bombarded with the emails and ads on ‘HOW TO MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS IN A DAY’ or ‘YOU CAN MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS DOING NOTHING,’ and we continue to pursue those desires.

Everyday, people search and search and search for ways to make a quick buck. We pay thousands of dollars on different seminars and programs to get to a result quicker than when it’s suppose to happen. So many people play the lottery, go to the casinos, and try to do any and everything possible to get rich quick. We constantly search for ways fatten our bank accounts without focusing on what is most important, and that is having a commitment to lifelong education. There are books, seminars, webinars, the Internet (, and an abundance of other resources to teach you how to learn and do anything.

I was reading one of my favorite books, 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene and I wanted to share this passage:

“Never seem to be in a hurry—hurrying betrays a lack of control over yourself, and over time. Always seem patient, as if you know that everything will come to you eventually.“

If you rush to a result, be prepared for what’s to come. With money, investing and running a business, we have to be patient, make use of the resources at our disposal and take action. If we were not trained to be good investors or how to run a business, we can learn. Making money too quickly and having success too early always seems to come back to haunt you. We need to take your bumps and bruises and focus on committing to studying, learning, and sharing what we learn. As quick as something comes, it can go away if you don’t understand how we got it. Ask people who won the lottery or the couple that won the house from Extreme Makeover (click here for story) that recently went into foreclosure.

In today’s economy, companies are laying off employees, being stingier about providing benefits and funding retirements, so we need to take a step outside our comfort zone and develop the mindset of focusing on education to meet the challenges lying ahead. President Barack Obama said it perfectly, “Anything is possible.” But do you really believe?

There is no quick result when it comes to our money. We have to do our due diligence to invest in education and learning how to make money that lasts. Even if we make the quick buck, the goal is to keep it and understand how to make it over and over again. So let’s stop dancing around the issue. We need to either focus on it now, or deal with the consequences later.

So what you think....can you get rich quick? If so, how?

Remember I’m not a journalist, just a person with an opinion!

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