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Glendale Woman Empowering Arthritis Sufferers


From the couch to our nation’s capitol, a mother of two is taking her battle with rheumatoid arthritis public and proving it is possible to overcome the devastating disease.

Jessica Edgar was just 35 years old, with two kids under three years old when she was diagnosed.

“I prayed to die. I really did, I prayed to die,” Edgar said. “You can’t be a mom if you’re not functioning at 100 percent. I woke up in the morning having to uncurl my hands, I often walked with a limp, I gained a huge amount of weight.”

Arthritis impacted every facet of her life. Those smiles in family photos often masking unbearable pain.

“She was home sick most of the time,” said Christian Mendoza, Edgar’s son. “Usually I’d just cuddle with her and try to make her feel better.

I took more than three years to find the right medications but IV infusions eventually made Edgar well enough to advocate for others and work with the Arthritis Foundation.

“A lot of people have difficulty understanding arthritis, and what I was going through, and the Arthritis Foundation understood that,” said Edgar.

Edgar has helped educate state lawmakers about arthritis and is working to ease the financial burden for those battling the disease. She is also taking her son Christian to Washington D.C., to help raise awareness and reflect on how far they have come.

“We used to stay at home a lot but now we go on runs and play at the park and she’s actually on a volleyball team now,” said Mendoza.

“As traumatic as it was I would not change any of it.” Edgar said. “I’m here to help those who can’t advocate right now because they’re too sick.”

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