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New leggy look with up-to-the-minute makeup and grooming notions for beach belles. A little gimmicky, a lot of fun. This is the year of legs in beauty and fashion, and to make the most of the occasion, legs need to look smooth and polished on the beach.

Even under stockings - and there's a pretty new sunny tint to this season's stockings - legs should look polished. So try an oil or cream rub before your bath to promote shine.

You'll find that some of the oil will cling, and you can polish it in afterwards. Still another good leggy trick is to rub in lots of hand-cream at the knees and ankles every night.

And, while you're at it, don't forget your feet. You can use skin food to soften and smooth foot skin, and a bit of baby oil used daily on the backs of heels will prevent roughening.


Don’t sell short the benefit of making the most of freckles. That fair, freckled look is newly fashionable - and fun. So much so that in some places overseas fake freckles painted on to look exactly like sun-freckled skin are a new fad.

If you are freckle-prone, you have to accept the fact that you simply can't lie there in high voltage sunshine and bake. But do you have to give up the beach altogether?

Not really, thanks to moisture creams, sunscreen lotions, lip creams, and the like. So start your sunning slowly and sensibly, using a waterproof suntan preparation during the first pallid days and covering up with a sunshade or an amusing hat part of the time.

Then, when you've acquired a pale shade of tan, graduate to a good cover-up sunscreen that will give your skin the fullest protection. A good post-swim schedule: Shower to rinse off drying salt water, and put on a new coat of cream.

For people who freckle heavily over the shoulders, neck, and arms, a course of sunlamp treatments is a good preparation for the sun.


Color is news as well as allure in this summer's nail makeup, which today is as run-of the-mill as lipstick. Finger (and toe) nails painted in two-tone effects are rather startling at first blush, but they are a surefire conversation piece in any company.

The sky's the limit when it comes to the colors you can use - indeed, your choice may range through the gamut of available lacquer colors and, for beach appearances, match or clash with your swimsuit of the moment.

Spotted, zigzag, and pointed effects are specially nifty.

In the event of male disapproval - and men are notoriously bewildered by feminine quirks of this kind - two coats of lacquer in fashionable pale coral pink should be just about the right touch.


Brightest note in this summer's make-up - and one that everybody seems to have gone wild about - is the lipstick range in the new honey-toned pinks which appear to be based on a subtle glow of golden color.

Glowing pink (which becomes nearly everybody) and coral red also look exciting with bronzed skin, as do clear red and bright orange shades.

To give your makeup a truly up-to-the-minute look, try wearing the thinnest coat of lipstick you can manage. Watch the way you put it on, though, for to obtain bright color and shine - two "musts" of the unpainted look - your lipstick must be quite smooth and even as well as light.

For the beach, if you don't tan easily, play up a cool, creamy look.


Wear the newest shapes in sun-specs if you want to cut a dash this summer, and make the fashionable eye even more so.

Newest news in this field of beach accessories are egg-shaped styles from France and those sinister-looking narrow bands of plastic that reach from ear to ear and have a tiny ribbon of dark lens across the middle.

Elsewhere, new sun goggles go square, round, elongated, hugely wrap-around, and there are recessed ones that allow plenty of blinking space for the longest eyelashes. Some Italian styles on the market feature interchangeable lenses.

Generally, the shapes that bend toward the temples are best - too straight a frame leaves gaps at the sides. Best time to wear sunglasses is when there is glare, especially glare from sand, water, and pavements.

How to Be Pretty hair is a nightmare; bathing without a cap a delight often regretted later in the day. So, whether you are staying at a friend's beach house or just beach combing around for the weekend, keep a wiglet or a false hairpiece of some kind on hand for a quick hair transformation.

A pin-on chignon, a pouf of a ponytail, or maybe a long switch to roll on top of your head or pin on the back of it will cover lanky ends and straggly locks undone by the water.

All you do is brush your own hair back smoothly, anchor the ends, pin on the hairpiece, and no one will know the difference. There are some truly lovely real and synthetic hair switches and poufs you can buy and style in different ways.

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