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Natural Hair Care Tips to Avoid Hair Loss

There are a lot of reasons for hair loss, and stress is one of them. When you’re stressed or anxious, you sometimes pull on your hair a bit too hard and you just realize a little while later that you’ve lost a considerable amount of hair. Or perhaps, you blame the long line of bald history among your family members.

But whether your hair loss is caused by stress or bad habits that lent your hair to fall out prematurely over their time, here are some natural hair care tips that you can do to prevent losing your crowning glory and have them shining back into life.

Natural hair care

So there can really be a lot of hair creams, shampoos or other modified hair treatment available and they might be clinically proven, tested and used by thousands or hundreds of thousands or people. But hey, not all people agree to use chemical based treatment with a problem such as hair loss. Why, you may be allergic to certain chemicals and take it or leave it, these kind of treatments are always expensive.

Now, natural hair care is always available for you. Nature has blessed man with enough resources to deal with his problem and the good thing is, you can always go the natural way if you want the safest if not the best way of curing your hair loss.

Use natural oils. Any kind of oil, so long as they’re natural warms up the hair good. Be it olive, canola or olive, so long as it’s oil and it’s warm, you can have your own at home hot oil treatment. Do your own and massage your hair with these natural oils an hour at least before you shower and say hello to a shinier and stronger hair. You can keep a shower cap on to keep the hot oil feeling more, eh?

Stimulate circulation. You need to keep your hair follicles in your scalp active. And what better way it is to do that than giving your scalp a good massage for a few minutes. The hot oil thing is one thing but if you can do it, place those fingers on your scalp and start rubbing circulation into your head. Not only will you feel better, you’ll promote healthier hair growth as well.

Harness the power of antioxidants. You think those tea bags are just meant for tea? Of course they are. But the rules of hair care have it that antioxidants are good for your hair. It prevents hair loss and helps you grow healthy and beautiful hair right out. So how do you do it? Just brew two tea bags of tea in one cup of water, apply it on your hair, leave it sitting for one hour and rinse it.

Eat well. Whether you like to believe it or not, one of the causes of hair loss is not getting the proper nutrition that you need. Healthy hair means a healthy body and the first thing that will help you achieve that is eating healthy and properly. Don’t just settle with foods that are branded healthy, eat more organic produce and you’ll find that not only is your hair becoming healthy, your skin is benefited because of it as well.

Vitamins, anyone? There are three essential vitamins that your hair needs to grow healthy: vitamin A, E and B vitamins. Vitamin A promotes the production of healthy sebum in your scalp; sebum can be found at the root of your hair and a healthy sebum is equal to a healthy hair. Vitamin E helps your scalp stimulate blood circulation and this ensures that your hair follicles are productive making sure that you have a wealth of hair right in your head. B vitamins maintains your hairs healthy color by producing melanin and these three work together to keep your hair shiny, strong and healthy. If you think you’re not getting enough of these vitamins through the foods you eat, try having them on as supplements.

Manage your stress. Your problem may have started when you had that traumatic event or perhaps you’ve been too anxious lately and you just can’t point a finger as to why you suddenly lost so much hair even when you’re not brushing. Learn how to manage your stress. Meditate. Do yoga. Exercise. And make sure that you keep an active life and a healthy diet to keep your shining crown of glory stay healthy and wealthy on your head.


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