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Take a Risk on Self
by B. Turner

How can you just leave your good government job, what are you gonna do? You made it…just sit back, chill and enjoy life. Well it’s hard to just chill if you feel you have a bigger purpose in life. Also, if you have a plan and trust in God, you know he will lead the way. One thing that I don't understand is that we are a faithful people, yet we lack the faith in self. We trust in God, but yet we don't trust he will help us out with the tough decisions we make in our lifes. Quitting a job that paid close to $100k a year guaranteed with benefits and going into a situation where the new salary was $0 was a hard decision. But with struggle comes victory!

We all have talents and things that we are passionate about, yet we never take a risk or 'take the leap of faith,' because we choose to take the safe or comfortable route. But what is safe when we live in an economy/world when things go wrong with a major company, the poor and middle class get fired and the rich get richer?

God give us all talents and gifts, yet some choose to use it and others don't. And some may say, well I took a chance and it's not working out for me. Well if you quit, you gave up to soon. You may need to change your strategy and try a new direction, but never quit. And that's why books, attending seminars, and hanging around like minded people are so important. Books act as guides, seminars offer new ideas, and hanging with like-minded people offer motivation (which we need to keep going forward).

Some adults may say that it's probably too late for me; I have kids, I don't have a college degree, or I don't make enough money. Some kids will say: my parents are not around, I can't find a job, or I'm not smart enough. Excuses, excuses will continue to hold you back. Remember that struggles and setbacks make you stronger if you choose to take the positive approach to life. It's two ways to approach any situation; you can be reactive or proactive. A reactive person lets the circumstances dictate the results. A proactive person dictate the results despite the circumstances. The bottom line is negative things are going to happen to all of us whether it is: death, loss of job, accidents, etc. The individuals that seem to recover from negative situations are the ones who seem to be positive despite the circumstances. A possible attitude and approach to life will always lead to positive results.

I used to think that I am suppose to struggle and be poor my whole life. I used to think that some are more blessed and luckier than others. But now I know that "success isn't based on luck or chance. Real success is a matter of finding yourself and building upon what you find." I believe God wants us to use or talents and be successful, because then we can help more people.

I’m not a journalist, just a person with an opinion!

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